Welcome to my first blog posting. It seems auspicious, as so much does to me these days, that I’m posting on the winter solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The cycles of the natural environment, and the pulls and tugs of our social environment, are so intertwined with our most powerful and intimate personal experiences. At least this is what I’ve come to understand as I make my way, daily, though a brain injury I can’t see, barely understand, but always feel its’ presence. External seasons, natural and political, are always at play as I maneuver through the reality of having been the victim of sudden, random violence.

Not every part of my story, and I assume yours, is bleak. There are amazing, wonderful people who offer help and healing; there are new communities that I’ve joined and gained new insights about all manner of life events and my love for my family and friends continues to deepen as they share my journey, and I learn more about what it is to walk beside anyone whose life has been upended.

So, let’s walk together through this blog.